Friday 3 September 2021

Baptist Fan Rulers

I am continuing on my Baptist Fan quilt. Struggling a bit with the rulers I have but as this is a smaller quilt, I am almost at the end.

Looking good, although several fans have shifted over a little bit so accuracy is not that great. However, I do love the pattern and its texture as it is so forgiving. Unless you go on it with a measuring tape, those inaccuracies are not noticeable at all. I did use a combination of rulers for this...3 of Amanda Murphy's Circle rulers and 2 of Handiquilters Circle rings. Have most of the issues with the HQ Circle rulers. The bigger ones are just too awkward to hold.

Since then I have explored the internet for other options. Looked at the Westalee Circle template, but did not like the idea of having a pin going through the fabric and taking it in and out as I go along. You want to make this as user friendly as possible. I thought that I prefer half circle shapes to hold.

Came across Michael Davison from QuarterSquaredQuilts when trolling through Etsy. He sells Machine Quilting Rulers and quilting fabric on Etsy. Nice little shop. There also is a You Tube video on him demonstrating his Baptist Fan Set of 5 rulers. ( I will not post a photo as I would have to copy one of his photos and I am always reluctant to do that) Those rulers are exactly what I am looking for...(sigh!). The rulers are simply but cleverly marked in a green colouring. The markings on the rulers allow him to align the starting point for each fan exactly while at the same time also aligning to the fans underneath. Doing my quilt at the moment I can see how useful this would be... (double sigh!). I am currently almost going blind on my quilt, just aligning it as best as I can. While that works, the right tools would be great.

Unfortunately or fortunate for US buyers the man is from Texas and posting charges are preventing me from getting these rulers. Not that they are too high, I reckon given the weight and how they have to be posted, the charges are what they is just a bugger that I am so far away. Maybe I should convince the man to export to Australia, he's got quite a range of nice rulers in his Etsy shop.

If you are looking for Baptist Fan rulers check out Michael's shop. He also recently brought out a new version of the set which allows for different spacing when used in conjunction with the original set. Very cool.



  1. Your fans look good.

    I have the Westalee set of rulers for fans. I don't mind sticking the pins through the quilt so much, but I frequently stick the pin into myself. That is not much fun. So if I had seen the set you mention, I might have bought that instead. It is a shame that postage is so expensive from the US, but if someone here imported them to sell, they would probably charge double the price anyway.

  2. Your fans look lovely to me. Michael's rules look like they would work great. I too like the registration lines on the rulers. If I were going to quilt a lot of Baptist fan designs I'd purchase them.

  3. Your quilting looks great to me...are you doing this on a domestic, sit-down long arm or standing long arm? However you are doing it, it is turning out terrific. Thanks for sharing!


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