Friday 4 February 2022

A New Look at the Traditional Pinwheel Block

Always surprising what I come up with. A few weeks ago I sat down to tidy up a new pattern on the EQ8 and as is so me...started playing around with various other blocks. Before I knew it, I had another pattern which spoke to reminds me of Propellers and I just had to make it.

So, here is the new listing in my Etsy shop...The Modern Pinwheel Baby Quilt pattern. Very easy to do and comes together very quickly as you can chain piece the units as you go along.
While I called it Propeller Quilt, I put it up under the general heading of Pinwheel quilt, as there is a quilt block that is called the Propeller block which looks entirely different.

In the absence of any other good ideas I just called my block a pinwheel variation. For some reason though it reminds me of blades and I could imagine this to be an excellent quilt in darker colours for a little boy.

Had some fun designing with this, e.g. look at it in just one colour with a different block mixed in

Quite liked this but restrained myself from doing this one, as I decided to use my leftover tone-on-tone scraps for the new quilt pattern. That way I could justify to start yet another thing when I originally wanted to do an entirely different pattern.

My little quilt measures 36-1/2in x 45-1/2in and I deliberately did not use an overall quilting design on it. I liked the clean crisp look of the wheels and thought that texture would distract. Maybe I could have done some ruler work on it, but decided that I had too many other things on the go. So, I just stitched in the ditch around all seams which did not take long at all. I may put that quilt up for sale in the next few weeks as I cannot continue to hoard these quilts.

Back to FMQ for me now as I have to finish a little panel with Nemeshing which should be great fun and then I will go back to the pattern that I was originally going to do.


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  1. You certainly kicked up the traditional pinwheel block a notch. Brilliant!


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