Monday 7 February 2022

Not Everything Works Out Every Time

We arrived at Nemeshing in our Feather Fiesta class. So I prepared that little pre-printed panel that came with the kit and made a start on it with some gusto.

Really thought I 'got' this...shapes flowed easily and gracefully over the area. I have extended my panel to make more room for practice and was slightly overwhelmed with all the space, however managed to fill it in  rather nicely.

Then I started the pebbling...

Can you see what's happening! My shapes are just not wide enough and I am losing some of the smaller shapes in the pebbling. Bugger, really thought I had this worked out but probably spent too much time concentrating on making the feather sprays (which was also a bit challenging as I tend to do them smaller being on the sitdown machine...every time I thought I was making them really long, I maybe moved 1.5in at the most). 

On the plus side...I am stitching with 100 wt Invisafil (Wonderfil) and love it. Not sure why I have never used that before for back filling. Usually use it for stitch-in-the ditch and it is brilliant for that, literally blends in anywhere. It is absolutely perfect for back filling and doing those pebbles.

Will finish this off despite the slight mishap...will just look like a lot of pebbling and will be a good reminder for next time. Might have to do a bit more practice around this to challenge my muscle memory as it is clearly working against me here. Have surrounded this with a blue border which I might use to do more feather variations as practice really is the key to master new concepts and executing a new design. 



  1. Looks absolutely perfect to me. Gorgeous. I have not used 100 wt Invisafil, but you have convinced me to give it a try. I love the results you are getting.

  2. Karin, I can identify with your frustration. It is also my habit to work in small areas and in a daintier scale on a sit-down machine. The perspective and magnitude of scale increase dramatically on a longarm on a frame. Also, the muscles that control the movements of our hands or arms are different and it can be difficult to retrain them for the desired effect, at least at my age I have experienced that phenomenon. LOL!

  3. I see what you mean but it still looks nice. I've never used 100 wt thread but I'm going to look into it. Sounds good!

  4. They look amazing to me!!! You're being too critical of yourself--I can see all those feathery sprays! Maybe you're even done by now. It is beautiful.


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