Saturday, 14 May 2022

Are We There Yet?

I have not posted that much in recent weeks because I am stuck on my background filler project. As usual the task is much bigger than expected and at the moment I am completing specific sections at snail pace!

This is what I am currently working on, i.e. the right side on the top. One little section in there took me ages to work out as I had to simultaneously think about the surrounding area and how this would all work out.

I must say, this project comes close to being a killer. Found some humour in it though when at various low points by thinking that I have finally managed to make quilting into an extreme sport. Thought this was too funny, took a bit of a break and have since continued on the right side with renewed energy. I am so close...once the right side is finished I literally only got two sections left on the left.
I reckon after this I will do another, more traditional wholecloth (we'll see ๐Ÿ˜†), something where I can just follow a pre-marked design.

So not much to report from here other than me being in a world of pain with the above project. Have managed though to baste my new pattern.
Love the look of this and while I did not want to spend that much time on quilting it, will likely do an edge to edge design (my new obsession). Definitely do not feel like stitching in the ditch and like the look of edge to edge designs.

Hopefully one of my next posts will be me having finished the background filler project and I can continue with the other projects that are slowly but surely accumulating (got five quilt tops from the Breaking Boundary class, a Snowman table runner and four charity quilt tops waiting to be done). 



  1. Oh dear -- a "world of pain" and "extreme sports" does not sound very enticing at all, but what you're producing is just unbelievably gorgeous! I agree with you that an E2E design will look great on your other quilt top. I used to feel like custom quilting always made a quilt better, but now I'm really enjoying the way that an edge to edge layers the quilting pattern over the fabrics and patchwork lines instead of fitting the quilting inside the confines of the piecing lines the way custom quilting does. You can get some really interesting effects with E2E designs. There is a time (and a right quilt top) for all kinds of quilting!

  2. Don't give up! Persevere! Your work is stunning, I can only imagine how striking it will be when done. I admire your skills!


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