Wednesday 1 February 2023

To Do Tuesday - 31/1/23

Another week has gone by. Nothing too exciting from me, however feeling a bit productive this week and have got a few things done. My tasks from last week were:

- to start working on a new pattern, i.e. get off the computer and do some sewing!✅
- to pin and baste another of those charity quilts and maybe even get it quilted. - partially done

Also finished my handout for the upcoming wholeclass workshop which was not on the list. ✅✅

The week was spent finishing the cute little giraffe charity quilt, i.e. attaching the binding and the label

So very cute!

Then I basted another charity quilt...also very nice. Feel quite lucky to get all these pretty quilt tops to quilt from the Orange Tree quilters group.
Really like the fabric and colours of this quilt. It is very well pieced and very straight and against better judgement I decided to do an allover pantograph design on it. Do not do this usually for the charity quilts as it takes me a bit longer being on a sitdown longarm, however this little quilt is just asking for it. Sometimes you just have to go with your first thought and I do feel in the mood to spent some quality time on it.
However, to make it somewhat quicker this time, I only traced out the first design and then stitched patiently through 8 sheets of Golden Threads paper to use for this quilt.
The design is Cloud Nine-Petite from Patricia E. Ritter which is available through Urban Elementz. Was not sure whether this would work, but used a 100/16 needle and went without a hitch. Will start quilting this in the next few days and am looking forward to this. Find this incredibly relaxing. Have done this design before, but felt it was the most perfect fit for this little quilt in terms of size and theme.

Also started (and finished the quilt top) on a new pattern...again, really bold and bright colours.
Will pin and baste this quilt at the end of the week hopefully. Easy design, semi-easy to do and comes together relatively quickly. The only thing I struggled with was my 1/4in seam. Had used my Accuquilt cutter to cut out the pieces and found that the cutter is just so correct which made me loose a few millimeter here and there when piecing it together. When I cut the fabric out myself this does not usually happen as the pieces are obviously cut slightly larger.

The last few days I have spent writing out a handout for my upcoming Mini Wholecloth workshop in March. Dreaded that task a bit as it involved a lot of drawings, however, it is done and I am happy with it. Had to really think about this as it has been a while since I stitched those Mini Wholecloth quilts out.

For the coming week my tasks are:
- pin and baste the new pattern quilt top and hopefully start at least the ditching of it.
- quilt the charity quilt with the e2e design, attach the binding and the label ready to be delivered next week.
- not hopeful, however let's put it on the list...start with the write up of the new pattern, if possible.


  1. Karin you had another great week. o love that little giraffe quilt. Your quilting designs are pretty and perfect. Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday. I hope you have lots of fun stitching this week. Im looking forward to seeing the new quilt pattern.

  2. I've noticed the same thing with my Go cutter. I find if I am scrupulous on sending the die with the tighter grain going in first it generally cuts perfect pieces. Whenever I put in the cross of grain first the finished cut is a bit too small. Your bright colors and white really speak to me. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

  3. Hi Karin! Your giraffe quilt is just too cute. Pretty quilts, and I love that quilting pantograph, I just added it to my wishlist because of you. ;) That bold and brightly colored quilt is gorgeous.


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