Wednesday 8 February 2023

To Do Tuesday - 7/2/23

My tasks for this last week were:

- pin and baste the new pattern quilt top and hopefully start at least the ditching of it.
- quilt the charity quilt with the e2e design, attach the binding and the label ready to be delivered next week.
- not hopeful, however let's put it on the list...start with the write up of the new pattern, if possible.

Finished two things which is not too bad

Did a post earlier in the week about the last little charity quilt and how I went about quilting this (HERE) if you are interested in reading about this.
The quilt turned out fabulous
Absolutely fell in love with is probably the first time I really felt that I would like to keep that quilt (which of course, I did not). Not sure what it was about this one. It is really very simple but the colours and the fabric...just really lovely. So I spent a bit longer on this one doing an edge -to-edge design over it which was the perfect choice. The design is Cloud Nine by Patricia E. Ritter available through Urban Elementz.

Then I started putting my new pattern together. Of course, it did not go as quickly as I had planned but managed to finish the quilt top, pinning and basting and currently doing the stitching-in-the-ditch. Looking very bold, just as I like it for little baby quilts
Have about half of it left to go and am undecided about further quilting. I quite like the bright uncluttered look, but I will think more on it as I am doing the ditching.

For this week I intend to
- deliver the charity quilts to the quilting group and pick up some new quilts
- finish off the ditching of the new pattern
- start to write up the pattern, probably concentrating on the diagrams in the first place as this takes the longest
-make a bit of a plan what I want to achieve for myself over the next 6 months...I have got about five quilt tops ready to quilt and a wholecloth design. I feel I need to make some decisions around what to do next as I get frequently side tracked with other stuff and my quilt tops usually stay behind. That wholecloth design (which is almost ready), for example, has been on my to-do-list for at least a year and a half and absolutely nothing has happened. 

For now, I am linking up to To-Do-Tuesday over at Quilt Schmilt for Linky Party #6



  1. Karin you had a great week. I love the quilt you finished and your bright, pretty new quilt is stunning . Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday

  2. No wonder you fell in love with that one! As for your other, I can see why you like the minimal (uncluttered) quilting so far! It will be interesting to see what you decide there. I'm not sure you could go wrong either way!

  3. I can see why you were tempted to keep that charity quilt, it’s beautiful! It has such a sweet, cheerful vintage vibe. I am sure it will be treasured by the recipient.


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