Wednesday 14 June 2023

To Do Tuesday #24

My list from last week was small and included:
- finish off the ditching around my little baby quilt pattern, then do a little bit of ruler work and hopefully make a start on the binding.✅
- finish off hand stitching the binding on my panel baby quilt and if weather allows to take some photos- partially done!
- drop off all the charity quilts and pick up some new quilts to finish off 
- continue plugging away at knitting the sock. 

Three out of four things completed...very happy with that!

My little baby quilt went much faster than I expected as it is only small. I was looking forward to do some ruler work and just when I got really into it, it was done. Used my favourite Pro Echo ruler from Lisa Calle which was very enjoyable.
Even managed to put the binding on so all that is left is to handstitch this to the back and then immerse myself in writing up the pattern.

Also finished the hand binding on my other little baby quilt. Need to take some photos and then that can go into the Etsy shop. More computer time coming up for me.

Feeling productive!  Dropped off my charity quilts and picked up four new ones, but have not looked at them yet.

And then came the great sock adventure. So I am knitting some socks because some bright spark in the wool shop said it was really easy once you get the hang of it. While I can knit, this was a huge challenge. Casting on the stitches on those blasted double pointed needles took me most of the day! Lucky for me though I found a really good tutorial on You Tube from Nimble Needles knitting some basic socks. So I took the pattern that I had bought (and which I did not understand at all) and  watched the video from Nimble Needles going through the motions. The pattern was only helpful in that it gave me the number of stitches to cast on for my shoe size, but better than nothing. I followed along on the video and slowly but surely the sock started to emerge.

Doing the heel flap

Managed to do the rounded heel (which appears just like magic) and the gusset and tried them on...the fit is not too bad, I just need to work on maybe easing of my tensioning of the knitting. It seems that when I concentrated really hard I would start to knit very tightly.
I cannot tell you how challenging this was. In parts I would stop the video and rewind it over and over again, looking at what the man in the video explained, then go row by row, stopping, rewinding and so forth. But, thanks to the detailed video I made it! Now it is just a matter of stitching the length of the foot (no idea how long my foot is) and then there is some toe shaping. Theoretically I should be able to finish this which is utterly impressive. Will have to start the second sock straight after, otherwise I will never get this done.

For the remainder of the week there is going to be a fair amount of computer time.
My tasks are:
- photographing my panel baby quilt and put it up as a listing on Etsy. I am hoping that that quilt will go fairly fast as I am running out of space
- hand stitch the binding on the quilt above and start writing up the pattern. This will take me a couple of weeks, I think, as it is a while since I pieced this together.
- baste one of the charity quilts ready to be quilted. Want to complete at least one as I want to freemotion quilt another table runner for my workshop in September.
- continue knitting my sock, hopefully finishing it off.

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  1. Impressive about the sock knitting. If it were me knitting, I can't imagine getting two done that would be the same!! LOL!--TerryK@OnGoingProjects

    1. Yes, doubt very much mine will be 100% the same. Should be interesting!

  2. Congrats on a good week! And yes, you CAN tell me how challenging that sock was! LOL. That's why I have two (different projects) socks that have been sitting at the heel part for years! (I know I could do them now but alas, quilting always wins). It looks great! Thank goodness for videos right? I'm afraid if I ever finish my socks, I'll never wear them...instead maybe I'll FRAME them! LOL

  3. Congrats on your sock. You can always use a larger needle size for your next pair if your gauge is too tight. Marly Bird has a great sock tutorial for a top down sock with gusset. She breaks down each step. You can also change your YouTube speed to slower as you watch your tutorial.

  4. Very happy little quilt with great movement! I love to sew but don't love to write the patterns. I haven't done that in awhile.


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