Wednesday 21 June 2023

To Do Tuesday #25

Another week gone! 

My tasks from last week included:
- photographing my panel baby quilt and put it up as a listing on Etsy. I am hoping that that quilt will go fairly fast as I am running out of space✅
- hand stitch the binding on the quilt above and start writing up the pattern. This will take me a couple of weeks, I think, as it is a while since I pieced this together.
- baste one of the charity quilts ready to be quilted. Want to complete at least one as I want to freemotion quilt another table runner for my workshop in September.
- continue knitting my sock, hopefully finishing it off. 

I did put up my listing for my little quilt but as I am typing this I remembered that I really should do a separate blog post for the listing. A tomorrow task!
Anyway, here is the little quilt
Cute and very cheerful. Love making these little baby quilts.

Did not do the handstitching of my binding on the second quilt - definitely procrastinating!

However I opened my bag of quilts from the charity group and got going on that. Finished a tiny little baby quilt. Very eclectic but the clamshells did pull it all together.
Will also do a separate post on doing the clamshells with a ruler. So enjoyable and so quick to execute and always looks very polished. Also finished the binding on that one as I was on a roll to get things done.

Well, and I am happy to say, I finished my sock.

That was extraordinarily tough, but I made it. Very happy with the sock. Fits like a glove and is very nice to wear. The foot looks sort of huge when laid out like that, but it is a very normal shoe size. I am shoe size 9-1/2 in Australia, so all in all a very average foot. Learned a lot about sock knitting and know now where I might have to make some adjustments, i.e. I think my heel flap is slightly too long and in general I do need to knit a bit looser, but apart from that, it is perfect. Well, spent a very long time again yesterday casting on the next sock. Must say that I am finding the casting on on double pointed needles just horrendous. Took me hours of getting it together, but finally managed and am on my way. Also bought a cheaper yarn to do another pair after that with those minor alterations. Very addictive...

Yep, I then I started another project today...I was wanting to make a string type quilt and had started on an old pattern about a month ago, however that came to an almighty standstill. Just was not feeling it, however the strings are still sitting next to the sewing machine and the whole accumulation of scraps around the place is just out of control and somewhat overwhelming. Today I was talking to a friend about this and she was showing me a quilt she made out of binding leftovers by just sewing the strips together, a bit like a railway quilt. Looked really nice and I think she said she got two quilts out of her binding leftovers from that. This whole conversation got me a bit enthused about using my strips...I also have collected leftover bindings over the years, thinking I might one day use them for a quilt by making a scrappy binding. Can confidently say, that never happened, however they have accumulated over time and I got about a box full of them. So today I decided to change direction on the string quilt and sew two types of strips together, one made from the 2-1/2in binding strips and another from the mountain of 2in strips and just use them up. I have a layout in mind which is based on different tonal values, but we shall see whether that works. The goal however is to use up these strips and leftovers to make a simple quilt out of this (and possibly continuing on the old pattern as well if there are enough strips for two quilts)) and hopefully get a sense of achievement out of this in using what one has lying around and create a bit more space. Done about 10 blocks already, so this should be a nice 'no major thinking' project.
Have several other scrap quilts in mind as well as a number of UFO's, but that will have to wait until I get through this mountain first. Also planning on then using larger fabric pieces to piece the backings together.

So, for the remainder of the week, I would like to
- start my pattern write up for next month's Etsy listing
- write another two blog posts as indicated above
- continue on knitting my second sock which will be an evening TV task
- continue to sew together my strips to make some room around the sewing machine (until they are all gone)
- prepare some fabric for another Wholecloth table runner in preparation for an upcoming workshop

Linking up to To Do Tuesday #25 over at Quilt Schmilt. Seeing some very interesting posts up there and will come back tomorrow to have a bit of a read where other quilters are at.



  1. Hello Karin, this is my first visit to your super cute blog, and I love it! I have a few quilty Australian friends and just returned from a trip there last April. I look forward to reading more of your blog.
    I like that one of your goals is to sew up some strips until they are gone. We may as well sew it all up!
    Very nice colors in your perfect fit sock, and love the clamshell quilting on the charity baby quilt.

  2. Your sock looks amazing to me, Karin! Knitting seems impossibly complicated to me, and I'm pretty sure actual magic is involved. I love your clam shell quilting on that baby quilt, too!


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