Sunday 18 February 2024

Query re Pattern

I have been working on cleaning up my Mini Wholecloth design over the last few days. I had it initially drawn in the Procreate program to an approximate measurement. With my new drawing program I tidied this up and made an exact copy of it. Turned out really well...locked all my layers this time and labelled everything as I went along which made the whole process much more enjoyable.

I am now wondering whether quilters might be interested in this pattern as I am thinking about putting it in my Etsy shop. The pattern would come in PDF format and needs to be tiled when printed out and then taped together. The Mini Wholecloth comes out at 18in but can be made smaller by squaring it off to a different size.
It is intended as a skill builder as you can leave it as it is, put grids in various spaces or FMQ a design of your choice around the design. I used it in a workshop I held last year and people chose various options on how to fill it depending on their skill level. 

Would be interested to hear what people think about this idea. Too difficult, too bland or not enough direction to complete this project if I just put the pattern up there?



  1. It would be more useful if you could put it in a format that long arm machines can read then you can sell it as a pantograph. It might be worth working with one of the companies that converts pdfs to the formats if you don't have the software. I'm sure they take a big bite out of the revenue, but they drastically increase your market.

  2. I disagree (with the idea that the design has no market unless it’s digitized). The biggest market for digitized quilting designs is for repeating edge-to-edge designs, not block or whole cloth designs like this one. When computerized quilters are looking for digital designs for custom quilting, they are typically looking for sets of coordinating designs that can be mixed and matched on the different blocks and borders of a quilt for a coherent look (different width border and sashing designs, blocks of different sizes with equal quilting density, designs to fit flying geese or hexagons or triangles or whatever different shapes they need to fill in that quilt). The other digital custom quilting design sets that do well are those that are designed specifically for a popular designer’s quilt pattern, like a set of designs made to fit all of the different spaces in a Judy Niemeyer QuiltWorx pattern, or a set of designs made for the Laundry Basket Alaska pattern, etc. For a design like what you shared today, Karyn, I do think there could be a market for a non computerized PDF download, either as a learning project for hand quilters or for those who are wanting to learn or practice FMQ on either sit down or non computerized frame quilting machines. As a PDF, the user would only need a quarter or an eighth of the repeating design to be printed and then they could either perforate along the lines to create a stencil and mark the design with pounce chalk, or use a light box to trace the design onto their fabric with their marking utensil of choice. However, I feel like most of your potential buyers would need some guidance for using the design. It would make for a fantastic class project if you were teaching the quilting skills, because students could get the design onto their fabric quickly and then focus on learning the hand or machine quilting skills for the bulk of class time. At the very least, I would suggest selling the PDF design along with a handout that had rudimentary instructions for one or two ways to get the design marked onto their fabric and instructions for making it into a pillow or a wall hanging so that it’s a pattern for a project and not just a standalone PDF of a pretty quilting design.


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