Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Quilt Along #22-Wonky Block Quilt

Finished my wonky block quilt. I am really happy that I decided to do this one in the last minute even though I am still limping a week behind. Learned so much from doing this and I am really pleased with the outcome.

First of all - scale: kept loosely to a scale of a little bit less than 1/2 inch; that worked for most designs, but I discovered that some designs worked better at a 1/4 inch for me, i.e sharp stippling

Also, found this exercise really quite liberating as there was no point focusing on stitch quality. Had I done this, I would have gone mad. There are many issues in there...tiny stitches, wonky stitches and just plain ugly stitches but I found that the eyes seem to only see the majority of the stitching which looks absolutely fine. I was actually quite amazed by that and hence stopped worrying about it.

A look at the individual designs:

Loopy Lines design:
Not a problem but a bit tricky to fit into some areas depending on which direction you came from.

Sharp Stippling:

 Bit nervous about this one as I had read in some other posts that people had issues with that. I did two areas of this, one in a loop section and one larger area displayed above. As it turned out, I did two different scales. The above one is quilted at about 1/4 inch and that suited me somewhat much better. Once I got into the rhythm of this it just flowed and the effect is quite pretty. I think I prefer the design at this scale.


This was a big surprise to me...loved it. I am born to zipple. Worked like an absolute dream, could zipple myself out of any corner, had no issues with direction and the whole thing just flowed. Not sure I followed Leah's example of what this should actually look like. Seemed to develop my own way of doing this and have some pretty odd shapes in there. But again, the eye only sees the majority of the design which is consistently zig-zaggy enough. I was most impressed with this. Definitely will use this again.

Circuit Board:

Absolutely dreaded this one and nearly chickened out. Funny enough my brain does not appear to be wired for this one. Only worked for me after I drew myself a loose grid across the entire area (about 1.5 inches). This way I was surrounded by horizontal and vertical lines - while I did not quilt within those boxes I could always see the lines in the corner of my eyes. Not one of my favourites, even though it looks quite nice.

 Here is the end result.

Wonky Block Quilt 51" x 42.5"
Just need to find a proper name for this quilt and make a label.

Thank you, Leah, from Leah Day's Quilt Along Wednesday for this great project. Learned heaps from it and (bonus) this was just the right idea for this fabric.

Questions I had from last Quilt Along (which I posted too late):
- how far do you quilt to the edge of the quilt?
- does anybody have any tips on how to remove blue chalk marks (the variety that is used for dressmaking? The packet says to use a damp cloth which I tried and it does not just dissolve, so I am wondering if it is going to come out at all.
- I have a Pfaff machine and have a drop-in bobbin case - would you use the Magic Bobbin washers with that?

Until next time



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks...I really like it. Now wished I made it bigger. Well, there is always the next one.

  2. Karin,
    your stitches are beautiful and so nice and even! What a lovely quilt you created

  3. Thanks Mary...I am really happy with the outcome. Learning heaps in this Quilt Along.

  4. Oh wow, your quilt turned out fabulous! Your FMQ is great!

  5. Thanks Pat...yes, I am sooo impressed with this. First time (apart from stippling) I FMQ an entire quilt making the quilting a feature. This has been a great learning experience and a good lesson in letting go of that darn perfectionism.
    By the way, watch this space...I bought new FMQ sewing feet.

  6. Your quilting looks awesome. I feel more negative space in the quilt works perfectly for zentangles. I have to now figure out how I'm going to quilt mine. Its little bit more busy.

    Awesome job!

  7. Thanks Malini. Yes, can't wait to see...yours is more organized , but I think you can still do a nice flowing design over it.


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