Friday 27 July 2012

Country-Themed Tote

This year I am concentrating mainly on FMQ, so I am doing a lot of practicing and a lot of FMQ in general. I am participating in Leah Day's Quilt Along Wednesday and also try different designs that I come across in other blogs. This has been great fun and I have learned a lot in the last 6 months. However, this also has meant that progress on some of my other projects has been incredibly slow...

This is ok, but on the weekend I had the need for some instant, I decided to make a bag. What a hoot...I have very little experience with making bags, in fact I have only ever produced this little make-up bag project that I found on the Pfaff website. Fabric was not an issue, as I have a lot of bitses and pieces collected over time....also found some bag designs that I had obviously collected to do one day.

Well, I selected the easiest pattern that I had...2 pages of hard could this be! Not sure where I got this pattern from...probably somewhere on the internet some time ago. It is called a Bazooples Day Holiday Tote by Springs Creative (designed by Amy Tallent).

Have a look at the end result:

Country themed tote 14"x17" (approximate)
Immensely proud of this even though it is very simple. As these were just bitses of fabric (the back as you can see is some green fabric I found) I just used calico for the lining. No pockets or any other fancy stuff ...this was enough to cope with. I stippled the front and put some loops on the back. Left the sides empty as I did not know whether one should quilt in those areas or not and the instructions did not mention anything about it.

This was a lot of fun...I can see some more bags coming up. Mind you, I think I should make them a bit smaller, this is huge.

Until next time



  1. Lovely stippling on the front.
    Totes are so handy and fun to make.

  2. Yes, this was a lot of fun and actually quite easy to make and to my surprise it turned out amazingly straight.

  3. Karin, I love your bag! The fabrics remind me of Debbie Mumm fabrics, I have a few of this style. It's a great idea of making a bag out of those practice pieces, I never knew what to do with them! I need some bags myself so I guess I'll just have to start workin'! :)) Thanks for sharing!

  4. You might be right about the fabric...I got in in a stack of cut-offs at a quilt show some time ago; unfortunately it did not have any selvage which could have identified it. I might make a few more, but a little bit smaller using the same pattern. This was fun to make and went together in a couple of days.

  5. Yay! What a fabulous-looking bag. Congratulations! Any pockets, or do those come with the next bag?

  6. No, no pockets...I find it very hard to visualise these bag designs when I read a pattern, so I deliberately chose one without any pockets or inserts. Mind you, probably just a matter of following instructions...yes, I am planning to do some more. I have this great pattern of a bag with pockets on the outside all around and a middle pocket (with zipper) inside the bag. Will take some working up to that one! Thanks for the comment.


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