Friday, 6 July 2012

Quilt Along #20

Almost caught up. How addictive is this wonky quilt!

Initially I was going to cut up my fabric into rectangles and make some sort of irregular type arrangement, however when I tried this it just looked like a pieced backing. In the end I decided to do the wonky blocks. I made mine 9 inches to retain some of the design of the fabric. Those blocks went together really fast and I can see how addictive this can become.

I kept the quilt top a bit smallish (approx. 43 x 51") as I needed to use up a backing that was miscut and would not fit most bigger quilts. I can't say I followed anything in particular but must admit that I pretty much did my own thing...the strips that were supposed to be somewhere in the middle were a bit of an afterthought for me and so I put them on the side. Once it was finished I realised of course that I could have used a whole strip down the centre....ha, ha, also realised that putting them horizontally was a pain as I had to cut a bit off to match the seams. Yes, I could have left that but I struggled with the idea of not having the seams meet...

 I managed to put the Zentangle design on it today. As I have a brown background I used a white marking pen (chalk). I think this is used for dressmaking and the packet had also a blue marking pencil in there so I used this for the lighter fabric. Then, of course, I went completely overboard and really marked the lines with the blue marker. It says on the packet that it comes out with a damp cloth...when I tried this, I realised that this is not going to come out that easily. Well, live and learn...not sure why I did not use one of the blue water soluble pens. That definitely would have been better.

Happy with my art work

I think this is going to look great. I am going to use my lightgreen Aurifil 50/2 thread to sew the lines and also for the designs. Can't wait, although a bit nervous about the odd angles and shapes of my little art work...this should be interesting.

New sewing room set up...

New chair
...and table
Anyway, I started the basting, so I better get back to it.

Until next time



  1. Can't wait to see where you're going with this. I think it's going to look wonderful! Post pictures!!

  2. My family wondered where this is going also...very different to anything I usually make. I think I am pretty much a traditional quilter. This is well out of my comfort zone...I am really enjoying this though. It is really fast to put together and would make an ideal last minute gift.


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