Friday 17 August 2012

English Paper Piecing Project

Well, this is how far I got so far...not a quick project but I am very pleased that I have made some progress after all. Love the fabric...very much my colours.

The elongated hexagons are 2" and the squares in between come to 1". They came in a packet of 50 paper shapes with an acrylic template to cut the fabric (from Patchwork with Busy Fingers, visit website Here ). The hexagons are not basted, but glued with a Fabric Glue pen to the template. Apparently this is water soluble and when it is finished you spray the whole thing lightly with water and the template can just be taken out. I hope that works alright and is not too fiddly.

Here is the back

So far, so good...I have got 50 hexagons, so will be able to make another 2 rows. Hmm...maybe I will extend this. I could just trace the hexagon on paper and make a few more. I will see how I feel about this when I get to the end.

Have a great day



  1. You can take the papers out of the center blocks, press them and reuse them. The only papers you need to keep in are the blocks around the edges. That will allow you to sew more pieces right away.

  2. Yes, I had read this. I did take some out but the whole thing seems so darn fragile. I was worried about those little pieces becoming distorted. Will have another go...thanks


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