Thursday, 16 August 2012

Quilt along #26

Hi all...I am feeling very unproductive compared to some other quilters in blogland. Mind you, I did have one of my migraine episodes over the weekend (why do they always cover the weekend?), so I was not able to do anything. After that we had a school meeting night, then a conference, work etc and that did not leave any time to do anything much.

However I did try the design that Wendy Sheppard demonstrated on SewCalGal's Freemotion Quilting Challenge for the month of August.

This was a fun design to try and definitely something I will use again.

Apart from this I am still going through my phase of confused indecision and lack of inspiration...not sure whether other people experience this when in between projects...nothing really grabs me and I struggle to continue where I left off with other projects. This then in itself becomes a bit of a stressor. Funny enough, this then often becomes the time when I yet again start another project! Figure that one out.

So, I decided to stop stressing, not start something new and do some planning on what to tackle next. As I don't like to sit idle I pulled out my paper piecing project from last year and do some hand sewing. This was sooooo therapeutic...just sitting there with this incredibly fiddly piece of elongated hexagons. I must say I do admire quilters who stitch by hand. When I bought the template for this at one of the shows, the woman had an entire bed quilt made out of these tiny hexagons. No, while I will finish this in the next few weeks, I don't think that I would have that amount of patience. This is incredibly work intensive.

This is what I am talking about

Paper Piecing Project in 2011
I will post some photos of how far I got along in the next few days.

Until then


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  1. Awe migraines :( you did a great job on the FMQ Challenge. I know how you feel about unfinished projects. I have a few myself.


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