Sunday 18 November 2012

UFO Sunday #13

It's UFO Sunday again on the Freemotion Quilting Project with Leah Day. I have been working on my 'practice quilt'. You might be thinking that I am swapping and changing projects, never staying on one thing at the time...and you are right. However, there is a very logical explanation for this.

I do not have two sewing machines, so when my machine is set up for FMQ I will keep on going with that set up for a while until I need it again for piecing or if I need to sew something with the walking foot. I did my 'homework' for the Wednesday Quilt Along yesterday and just kept on going with the FMQ on that quilt. I had started to watch the videos from Leah Day's Craftsy class that I recently purchased and the design 'Echo Shell' caught my attention. So, what better way then to have a go at it on the practice quilt. I know I have raved about the benefits of my practice quilt, but I cannot emphasize how useful this quilt has been. No, this will never be a show quilt, nor is it particularly pretty to look at, but it has been invaluable in just trying out things...none of the usual hesitations/fears/barriers are attached to this, as it is truly only a practice piece and I have been much more adventurous on this quilt than on any other piece I have worked on before.

Well, back to the Echo Shell design. In the video Leah stitched this both in a row and in a more random fashion. I chose the random fashion and trialled it in the sashing:

Yep, lots of stitching-in-the ditch again! I like this and will continue to put this in the remaining vertical sashings. This little exercise also served another purpose...I was thinking of putting that in the border of my Japanese Table Runner on a slightly bigger scale. I think that that would look great...

Anyway, then I continued on the border of the practice quilt...until I ran out of thread ( managed to get 3/4 of the border done). Decided after all to continue with the Flowing Lines design even though I did not incorporate going around the corners with this design. A bit more planning on my part would have been good.

I think this design suits the quilt and stitched it using my Sensormatic Echo Freemotion Quilting foot. This is so relaxing! The foot is interesting to use, as on slow speed it makes this clickety-clack noise going up and down, but when you gather speed it just starts gliding across the surface (with more of a humming noise) and you can cover a lot of ground very quickly while maintaining pretty consistent spacing.

Well, that's it for me today. Linking up to UFO Sunday a bit later on.



  1. Your FMQ is beautiful! I think your designs get better every week! I should be practicing more. Maybe this week!!

  2. Thanks is getting easier but I also think I have started to worry less about it, which is a good thing

  3. I've been doing what you do. If the machine is set up to FMQ, it stays set up for that. I'm going to change it back because I now have 3 projects that need binding.

    1. Yes, it is a bit of a hassle as I am forever swapping from one to the other. My Echo Quilting foot requires the whole shank to be taken off...just put it all back to normal to do some piecing.

  4. Karin, your "practice" quilt looks fantastic!! Do you have pic of the whole thing?

    I am also enrolled in Leah's Craftsy class, and can't wait to start Amy's BOM first. I also want to make the Batik Beauty, which will also be a "practice" quilt. So many projects to do!

    Lastly, I have used Echo Shell in a Japanese Table Runner, and it looks good there. You can see it on my blog, some time last year.

  5. Thanks...will post a picture of the whole thing when it is finished. I am almost there. Had a look at your do some amazing work! Saw the Japanese Table Runner...yes, that looked really nice.
    Just became your latest follower.

  6. Hi Karin,

    Your quilting looks great. I really like the flowing lines you put in that border. It's so lovely. You know what, it's also relaxing to look at. The scale and consistency are really well done.

  7. Thanks...yes, I was in the zone for stitching this and the Echo Quilting foot was great in keeping the lines consistent.

  8. It's beautiful! I really cant wait to see this finished. It's gonna be stunning. I'll have to look up Sensormatic Echo Freemotion Quilting foot. I don't like to change my sewing set up either if I can help it.


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