Sunday, 10 March 2013

Enforced Break

I think I have worn out my machine...

The other day when I was FMQ it made some strange clunking noises. I think it has to do with the speed...only seems to happen when I speed up and have been going for a while.

I thought I was  months off a service but when I had a look, I had it serviced exactly 1 year ago, so it is actually due for service. I hope there is nothing wrong with it, never had this happen before. But then, I also never before FMQ that maybe it affects the internal workings of the machine.

Anyway, so the machine is off for a service. Here go my plans to make some in-road into my WIPs, UFOs etc given that we have a long weekend coming up. Obviously not going to happen.

However, I could clean up the sewing room or maybe a bit more tasky...baste my Colour Adventure quilt. This has completely thrown me out of whack. Maybe I pull out the old Brother machine for just piecing. Have not played with that for years (very basic model from a good 20 years ago).


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  1. Sew sorry to hear you are without your machine for a while, Karin! I feel for you. It is hard enough to go without when you are expecting it to go in for servicing, but even harder this way. Hope you cope well and make lots of headway on your other projects in the mean time!


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