Saturday 16 March 2013

FMQ Friday - Loops and More Loops

Finished quilting the baby quilt with my loop design

Bit hard to see, here is the back

I had a fair bit of bearding going on while doing the quilting. I used bamboo batting and while I think they have improved on it (it did quilt beautifully), this was a bit annoying.  In case you have not come across this... I used this nifty roller that we got from Ikea to clean up the fluff. All it is is a roll of sticky tape.  You run it over the surface and when all the sticky tape is taken up with fluff you just peel off that layer to reveal a new sticky layer. Ingenious ...we got this initially to get rid of the cat hair on our can buy the refills in packets of six, I think...really cheap.

Another issue I thought I share...I had spoken about the pesky basting pins and that they often leave black marks if you leave them in too long. Well, given that this is a light background I took care to sort through my basting pins when I was putting it together, making sure I only used the newer ones...Well, another black mark where the pin held the fabric...(not really too bad, I had worse). This was happening literally in front of my eyes as I was quilting it and was the reason that I hurried this along a bit.
It occurred to me last night what this is all was fairly hot over here when I was doing the quilting. Temperatures were in the high 30s and we were running the air conditioner just about non-stop. We have evaporative cooling and so with time, I reckon the humidity builds up to such an extent that the basting pins are literally rusting in front of your eyes! Need to make a mental note only to quilt dark stuff in summer. I wonder whether this would also happen with the use of Pinmoors and the regular pins...

Photo of the finished quilt coming up shortly.

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  1. I love your loops. They are perfect for this quilt. Good Job!

  2. Your loops came out very nice. I also love the fabric - very fun. How frustrating the marks must be. I've been thread basting anything smaller than a twin for a few years now. I had always pin basted, but was in a hand quilting class that went over how to properly thread baste. I prefer working without the pins. It could be a summer substitute.

  3. I live on the coast in Barranquilla, Colombia...and it's SO true that pins will rust in front of your eyes. You could try stitch basting it maybe?!? My Colombian quilt friends all do it that way. I bought quilters safety pins for basting and they haven't rusted at think it's the metal they're made of.

  4. Great to see your quilting is finished, Karin! It turned out beautifully! I am in the middle of winter here and we use a wood stove, so the air is as dry as can be, and I still have the same problem with some of my pins. I wonder if using stainless regular safety pins would be better. I think it's the cheap curved pins! I sympathize!


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