Monday 25 March 2013

New Fabric

Can you ever have too much fabric?

I got a new Jelly Roll (Moda - Chateau Rouge/French General)

This is for a specific project (see...I am getting better, no hoarding here). I am planning to make a bag. Surfing the net I see so many cool bags that people seem to just whip up and lately I have really felt the need to make something for just me. I found this nice bag in one of the books I recently zippers, but some pockets on the outside and in terms of difficulty level, it does look quite manageable. Just have to purchase some background fabric to go with it. The strips would form the front and side pockets....

Actually I saw a workshop at my local sewing shop the other day where they make a bag with  zippers on the inside and outside as well as on top for closing the bag...I am thinking of putting my name down because I have not much of an idea on how to do this and it would be a useful skill to have...will have to enquire about this.


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  1. Once you start making bags you won't be able to stop but it is a great break from quilting and they make really good presents - because after all a girl can never have too many bags!!


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