Saturday, 9 March 2013

FMQ Friday- Table Runner Finished

Finished my feather border design on my table runner. Absolutely loved doing this, although going around took a very long time. Almost has a meditative quality as you have to stitch it in a fairly slow and controlled manner.

Already posted about this on Wednesday but thought I share some more info about the FMQ. The border design was done using a stencil, hence it looks super even.

Yep, would be great if one could do this completely freehand. I want to practice more feathers in the near future on one of my other quilts and will have to do them freehand for that. I wonder whether I should draw in not only the spine but also a line at each side of the feathers. That would then give me a very defined area to work in. Mind you, chances are, I will not get my lines to match up  (ha, ha...). 

The feathers compacted my piece more than I thought they would and I then had some puffiness in the blocks. That certainly put a spanner in the works as I had been so focussed on the feathers that I did not really think much about the blocks. In the end I decided to embellish the blocks with simple line designs. The trick here was to get all the lines on the white fabric as consistent as I could...that way some wonkiness in the printed fabric was hardly noticeable.

While ok, I still think there is something missing. It seems to need more of something, but I am not sure what else one could do with this block. Thought about doing some filling of the white patches, however this is fraught with difficulties, as it will make the shadowing of the seams underneath really noticeable.

Anyway, this piece was all about the feathers. All that's left now is the binding unless I come up with some other brilliant idea (and I might given that I keep staring at it all the time).

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  1. It's beautiful. Your feathers are perfect. Great job.

  2. Beautiful! I like your idea of a line on each side as well as the stem line, at least for practice free handing the feathers event. I don't see what the big fuss is when it comes to marking portions of designs :-) less pressure and stress is always good. Your fmq is gorgeous, I can't wait to sew that beautifully!!

  3. Your table runner is gorgeous! I love the piecing and the quilting. You did an amazing job.

  4. Great job on the feathers. I learned a lot about free motion feathers from Patsy Thompson at Sew Cal Gal's 2012 free motion quilting challenge:

    Also, maybe a light stipple in the white areas would look good?

    1. Teresa...Have you noticed that you are a no-reply blogger? This is why I am replying over the post. Thanks for the comment. Yes, I did do the same tutorial. I was so inspired by that…have a look at my post in December: In fact that actually started me back on the old feathers and as a birthday treat I am going to get some of her feather DVDs…I am so excited about this!
      Light stipple could work…however, my machine has given up its ghost and I had to take it in for service…made some alarming clunking noises.

      Take care


  5. Beautiful feathers! They are so even!

  6. What a beautiful table runner. Your feathers are very nice. I don't think you need to add another thing!

  7. It looks great; I'm curious whether you are going to bind in white or another color?

  8. This looks great. I agree it needs something else in the white areas, but not too much. Maybe just a meander or loose stipple?

    Your feathers are beautiful and show off nicely against these blocks.

  9. What a beautiful table runner! I don't think I have ever seen this block. As always, your FMQ is great!!

  10. Hi…and thanks. The block is called “An Arrangement of Small Pieces”. I have been a bit obsessed with it since early last year and still am planning to make a quilt out of it. One of those unassuming beauties with great potential.


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