Monday 21 October 2013

Not much progress

I have been working merrily away on my latest project-Disappearing Four Patch quilt. Now, this has appeared easy enough ... WRONG!

This is how far I've got

Yes, that's right...only one row more than I had last time. The last two rows were completed but to my absolute horror, my little system of how I was going to place the colours and match this up with the ironing of the seams did not match. Each row starts with either the seams ironed in or out and all of a sudden I was left with what appeared to be an additional row of the same way of ironing. That, of course threw out my whole organisation.

I must have been confused when I laid it out. Over the weekend then I tried to re-organise the blocks...however, this did not work as I then had the colours all in the wrong spot, like all the red in one corner and blocks of the same fabric next to each other. In the end I decided to take a deep breath and approach it in a more considered way. Back to my original plan...I am now re-doing 3 blocks as the way they are ironed it is not a simple matter of re-ironing them the other way...they actually would have to be taken apart, re-ironed and then put back together. It was easier to just re-do them, I thought. I did it with one the blocks (undoing and then re-pressing), and that turned out alright, but it is quite finicky...

Can't believe...on the last two rows. On the plus side, I bought a country-type black border fabric and have a clear idea on how to finish it. By the end I will have used up every scrap of each of the Fat Quarters that I had and it will look great. Just a matter of getting there.

Also, if you followed my posts about this quilt you would have seen earlier my struggle with the intersecting seams...thought I show you a photo of the pinning down of the seams...I pin from the top and the bottom, so to speak. Normally I would have less pins, but given the trouble I had earlier I want to make sure that absolutely nothing moves.

 This gives me really crisp intersections

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  1. visiting from anything goes Monday. You say that is all you have done.... don't you mean look at all you have done? That looks amazing and like quite a lot of work. Well done, can't wait to see it finished

  2. Beautiful intersections! I'm basically a beginner in the grand scheme of things and I really need to get better a "lining things up". Practice, practice, practice!

  3. Oh Please, Don't sell yourself short, you are doing a fantastic job. Sometimes though I know there are those projects that seem to rearrange them selves in the middle of the night while we sleep. I love the colour choices/fabrics that you have picks, you could perhaps used the extra blocks in making a pillow sham or a pot holder or a bib maybe! there is something to do with the extra blocks, so enjoy the beauty of what you have created thus far!


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