Monday 24 February 2014


In production-style piecing at the moment. While also working on my Dresden Plate, I finally managed to cut out all my squares for the baby quilt that I am intending to do.

I prefer to cut out all my pieces in one hit which is quite tedious,  however seems to work better for me than doing it block by block. This way, I have to calculate and think through the quilt in some detail before I even touch the fabric. This avoids mistakes in cutting and works better for me. Once done, I can usually sit down and strip piece elements of a block all in one go, speeding the whole process up a bit. When that is done, I then piece maybe two or three blocks in one go until all done.

My block consists mainly of HST and I finished sewing 80 of those together just the other evening...I cut my squares slightly bigger and trim them to size after I cut them apart. This is a bit work intensive however I am used to doing it this way and found that it provides better accuracy overall.

Here is my first block

This is all I produced in one evening :)...Downton Abbey has started again! Yes, spend most of the time watching TV.

Was not that happy with the centre of the block...too many seams meeting and as you can see the centre is bulging out a bit. Although I pressed it correctly I am wondering whether I should iron  the seams open in the middle.

Any suggestions ?

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  1. Oh, that block is perfect! all matched up, points perfect, WOW! I can only hope one day my star blocks look this well done! I always press my seams open. . . I learned that way and only occasionally have ironed to the side (tube strips). It definitely reduces bulk. . .


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