Wednesday, 6 August 2014

99 Heagons Con't

The hexagon project is taking shape. I actually call this the TV quilt, as I usually do this while watching TV. This quilt so far has incorporated several series..some of Breaking Bad, The Vikings and at present I am making my way through American Horror Stories with my daughter. This might give you an idea how really slow the process is.

This is my progress so far

...and the back

As you can see, I glue the 1/4inch seam to the paper rather than basting it. When finished, you spray it with water and the glue disappears so that you then can remove the paper with more or less ease. Learned the hard way not to stitch through the paper!

I have read that people usually take the middle paper out while they are stitching. I have found that I prefer to leave the paper in until the whole project is finished. I usually do my hand stitching at the kitchen table, so that I can rest the bulk of the project on the table while sewing. So far this has worked fine...not sure whether you would need to maybe take some of the paper out if you were doing a bed size quilt like that. Like this the whole thing is nice and stable and I am actually quite rough with it, bending it, flipping and folding to sew those seams.

I think I have another 5 rows to go...this will be so worth it though. I like the random colours and patterns, even though it is a bit full on.

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  1. Thanks Karin for sharing about your hexies. I will try your idea of spraying water on the back since I glue down my hexies too!

  2. Love the yellow/black/white/grey colour scheme you went with, Karin. These are so cute! Are you making a table topper/runner?

  3. I keep seeing more and more of these type hexie projects-I might just have to start one some day! Love your color combo's.

  4. Love these hexies! Great job!

  5. This is beautiful! I love your color choices.

  6. Its beautiful! How big are your hexies?

  7. Love love love the color combo. It's coming together beautifully!

  8. Yes, hexagons take a long time! I'm told that my shoebox storage box full is a forever project.
    I love your colors here.
    I don't get how they will stay in shape once you wash out the glue.....or are they sewed together already?
    I wasn't taught to baste through the paper. I was taught to fold each corner and go around it twice then go to the next one. I don't intend to take those stitches out.

  9. Really like the color combo that you are using for your Hexagon quilt in progress!

  10. Thanks! I need more inspiration to jump into a hexie project!


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