Tuesday 26 August 2014

Progress on Plus quilt

Sporting a major head cold at the moment but managed a little bit of work. Also my camera is in for repairs so have not been able to take a lot of new photos.

Prepared the Plus quilt for basting

In line with my efforts to only use what's in my stash, went through and found a nice birdhouse print.  Some years ago I had this bright spark of an idea to buy yardage of fabric when it was on special to use for backing...great idea, except I paid little attention to the patterns. When looking at the birdhouse print I realised that I would have to piece it together to make it wider...now there was a hassle. Nearly went out and bought a wide backing piece.

Nevertheless I persevered to match the pattern. First, I looked at this fabric for a very long time to identify the pattern repeat...once I had this I then took the selvage off on both sides and then painstakingly marked the spot where I wanted the fabric to meet including the 1/2 inch seam allowance. Carefully cut both pieces at the marked lines and hoped for the best. Took my time with this and managed to piece this together nicely...

The seam is almost invisible. I wonder whether there is an easier way of doing this...this took me ages but turned out ok for the most of it.

Ready for basting once I put some batting together...have arrived at the last lot of batting. Feeling very frugal at the moment.

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  1. I recently pieced some yardage for backing too, matching the repeat (for my Royal Whispers quilt). I'm not sure if there's an easier way but it's worth taking the time as you did. Hope you are soon feeling well again - and looking forward to spring..

  2. I'm impressed with how well you matched everything up. I usually add a strip of extra fabric or a few spare blocks so that I don't have to make the fabric repeats match.

  3. I saw something where you fold one piece in 1/4 inch and line it up with the fabric to match it and pin. Then sew with the 1/4 inch seam. I will try to find the tutorial for it but it was a while ago. This is amazing though - really invisible.

  4. The bird house fabric looks great cannot see the joins. Also like your plus quilt hope to see a photo when it is finished. Hope you feel better soon
    Cheers Pauline


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