Sunday 17 August 2014

WIP: 99 Hexagons

My camera has given up its ghost...and it is only 1 yr old. So thankfully it is still under warranty but I have not had the time to go back to the shop.

On a more positive note, I continued on my hexagons...slowly...

Two more rows to go...there is an end in sight. The size has not produced any problems in stitching given that I like to leave the paper in while I am sewing it. I hand sew at the kitchen table and rest the bulk of the work on the table. This has been working fine.

Apart from this I have been playing around with FMQ...I am thinking of making another cat mat for the other cat in the household. Found a panel type fabric that I will use for FMQ practice...just a filler of some type. This way the cat might not use all the other quilts for lying on. The other day I found her on the table runner that is on the coffee table in the lounge as I had taken some of the other quilts away. She obviously needs a quilt of her own.

Until next time



  1. *gg* cats always need something soft to lay on and normally something, they should not lay on. I know this for sure and can most of the time only lough how they know that. I think you have to make a speacial cat-quilt or pillow.

  2. You definitely need to make your cat a quilt, as long as you understand that it will then sleep, play and use every other quilt but theirs - so you will have one quilt that is cat free.


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