Tuesday 5 August 2014

WIP: Chicken Quilt

Finished the grid work on my Chicken Quilt

I wonder whether other people have this experience: the quilts that I throw together, fuss little over and just put together seem to turn out like a dream. This one was put together to use up the alarming amount of stash that I was accumulating and put together very quickly.

It is by far the most perfect quilt...totally flat and straight, every seam matched perfectly and the stitching was a pure joy. The needle just went through like butter (was a bit worried as the batting was also bits and pieces which I put together with batting tape). There was no shifting of the fabric through the basting process whatsoever...hence the grid over it looks just lovely. The feel of the quilt is just soft and fluffy. Hope I have not hexed it now :)

After finishing the grid, I used one of the stitches on my Pfaff 4.2 to quilt a wavy line in the sashing. Could have done it FMQ, but thought it an opportunity to use the many stitches that come with the machine.
 This turned out great and then I was hunting around for another design for the red inner border. Initially I was going to do a swirl, but when I went through Angela Walters book "Freemotion Quilting" , I came across the Wishbone design. Wishbone - Chicken Quilt...perfect! It fits with the simple design of the quilt and was one of those common designs I have never tried. In order to make this a bit easier as I had to stitch the design going down the border (normally I would draw the design facing me), I put little chalk marks down the length of the border so that each loop would be about half inch apart. While not absolutely necessary, I get easily confused when FMQ over patterned fabric, particularly when I am using tone-on-tone thread, so those marks helped to keep me on the right track.

This was a lot of fun...absolutely love this simple design as it is easy to do and gives a really nice texture to the inner border.
The texture looks almost like chicken wire.

The back

Now I only have to work out what to do in the sunflower border. Currently thinking either meandering to keep it nice and soft or just simple lines...

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  1. Your quilt just oozes country charm...I absolutely love it!

  2. Beautiful quilt Karin and you know, I have noticed before that sometimes I do the same thing as you......make something for no reason and love how it turns out! Neat stitching on the borders!


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