Thursday, 11 January 2018

2018 Finish-A-Long: First Quarter

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Can't believe we are again at the beginning of the year and a new Finish-A-Long. If you want more information follow the link above, but basically this is an event where quilters all over the world outline what they hope to achieve over the next 12 months, split over four quarters. I participated last year however had to drop out in the middle of the year when I got the new machine as nothing got finished or planned, other than getting used to the new machine.
Here is my list for the first quarter (repetition from previous post, but the rules state that you need to write a new post about this):
#1 Finish off Practice Wholecloth
This is a practice piece trialing some different thread to what I normally use and also getting used to some different rulers that I purchased recently
#2 The 1000Pyramid Quilt
I am half way through and had another burst of energy in the last half year but motivation has come to an absolute zero again. Hoping to knock off the last few hundreds of rows...this seems really unsurmountable, but we shall see.

#3 The next Wholecloth
Fabric coming from the US from the Fatquartershop...planning to stitch this out on a blackish type fabric (think it was called charcoal gray). 

#4 Another baby quilt like this in a different colourway
This is a must as I bought some Accuquilt dies for this to make the job quicker

This is my list...not very exciting and seems very small but this is all I can work on in 3 months and I actually seriously doubt that I will achieve all of them. But like last year, if I only finish two things I shall be very happy.
Linking up to shecanquilt for the 2018 FAL Proposed Finishes for Q1

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