Friday 26 January 2018

Patsy Thompson's January Online Ruler Workshop

Spent some time yesterday and today catching up with lesson 7 of Patsy Thompson's January Ruler Workshop.

After having spent the last few weeks looking at how to put in tapered and parallel channels, we had to construct this framework
The framework was constructed from the outside inwards starting with the smallish arcs. I used the 6in leaf shape arc from Handiquilter (bottom right) which gave me a slightly smaller arc than what Patsy demonstrated, hence my channels (done with the Slice ruler, top right) are also smaller. Later realized that I should/could have used one of the circle rulers for this part...this would have given me a more pronounced arc. I stitched the second arc with the bigger 10in Handiquilter arc and then used the circle (bottom left) ruler to put a tapered channel in there. This worked really well. The smaller arced square was done with the 6in Handiquilter arc.

Then came the filling
Patsy makes this look so easy...I had to really concentrate for this part and this time drew my feathers lightly in with an air erasable marker. I like those as they are only temporary which is a good thing for me as I tend to be very messy with my marking. I put a mini grid in using the 6in Handiquilter arc ruler. Really enjoyed this and for once that worked without a hitch!

Finally, some pebbles
Looking good...wonder what comes next


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  1. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I think you did a great job. Interesting about the Slice ruler vs circle ruler. Visually, from your photo, I would have thought the Slice ruler would have given a more pronounced curve vs the circle ruler. Thanks for sharing.


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