Sunday, 14 January 2018

Patsy Thompson's January Online Workshop

Patsy has packed a lot of thought and valuable information in her posts about quilting with rulers (I have her Feathers DVD series and it absolutely changed my quilting...learned so much from that). We are in the second week of her Ruler Work Winter Course and are learning about curved channels.

With my newly found confidence in rulers I thought...yep, let's whip this up quickly and the result was this
Looks ok, but if you look closely, the channels are drifting and are not centered. Why?...because I thought I could hurry this along and by not having placed some grips on the newer rulers they obviously started sliding.
So the next day I did it again, but this time properly with grips in place and paying a bit ore attention to center the rulers. I used the Slice ruler for the first curve and the Handiquilter arc set for the second and third curves. I find curves actually quite hard to do and while I did not have my stitching trail off the ruler anymore, I did find that I needed to stop in the middle of the curve and re-position my hands again to hold the ruler in place.

Much better!

On Friday then Patsy demonstrated some arcs and how to stitch some tapered channels into them. That was much easier than the above curves.
Here are my arcs
I did play around with this a bit and filled in some areas...lots of possibilities.

Wondering what we will be doing next😎

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  1. Wonderful practice runs! I am having a hard time seeing the difference between the first and second. They both look pretty good to me!


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