Friday, 12 January 2018

Practice Wholecloth

I am making progress and learning a lot by my mistakes, mainly to do with my lack of planning with this little quilt. Absolute must to put your framework in first before filling anything else! I am sure I have said this before somewhere but obviously have not committed this to memory. Maybe it will stick after this time ☺
Decided my wreath needed something else and ended up putting another circle in underneath the arcs. Must say that this got a bit messy because of the compaction already happening so this is not going to be a 100%. However I did want to have a look what that looked like. Yep, like it!
Now, back to the filling.



  1. Wow. I would not have thought you'd be able to fit another circle within your wreath, but you did. And it looks absolutely perfect. While I thought the first looked great, the wreath with pebbles really just makes this project pop. Love it.


  2. Great job, love it. Keep up the great work.


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