Wednesday 12 December 2018

Little Chicks Baby Quilt

I have been working away on another baby quilt with the cutest Anne Kelle fabric. Not sure what it is called but it is from the Urban Zoologie range featuring cute little chicks. I am testing out one of my patterns and sure enough I did not have enough of one colour, then mis-cut the white fabric, so needed to buy some more. But after a somewhat  stressful beginning, it was smooth sailing once it was stitched together. Too cute!

I decided to practice some more ruler work and chose a simple line design for it after many, many different ideas of varying degree of complexity. Sometimes, simple is the best.

I used Lisa Calle's Pro Echo 8 curve ruler for this
Such fabulous rulers. Had them for a while but apart from a bit of a play here and there, had not really given them the full workout of a quilt. I am a bit spatially challenged and often struggle with curves in terms of alignment and trusting the ruler to actually end up where I want it to end up. This ruler was easy to align as it has enough lines on it so that you can orient it to your seams no matter where you are. Was enormously helpful and worked like an absolute dream, looking really nice and even across the quilt. I quilted in the ditch of the main seams before I started but left the little triangle squares and did them as I was doing the curves to save a bit of time. Apart from not always hitting the ditch this worked fine and made for a nice continuous quilting path.

Very impressed with the Pro Echo rulers!


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