Tuesday 5 February 2019

Production Line Piecing

I am on to my next baby quilt. I already constructed one quilt, then found out the couple were expecting twins, so committed to do a second one in a different colour way. Well, I thought that I have got heaps of time...expected arrival is set for April! However, as I am hearing it, those babies are in a hurry...definitely is not going to be April. The expectant mum is currently in hospital being monitored. I reckon another few weeks and they are going to be arriving.

So I had to spring into action. Nothing better than a deadline. Thankfully, my little quilt lends itself perfectly to chain-piecing. I already had all the pieces cut out and ready to go...
Making a start just piecing the triangle units together
Sure enough...did not have enough of the white triangles and needed to cut out some more. While I was at it, I also cut out my binding with the Accuquilt Go 2 1/2in Strip Cutter. Such a handy die, and saves so much time.
Finished the binding off, as I was sewing the units together, feeling super productive.
Chain-piecing in action
Making all of the units in one hit
The first block...yah!
Today I finished putting the little quilt together

2 days of straight piecing! Also found Anne Kelle's Remix fabric at one of those 'end of bolt' sales...fits this quilt top absolutely perfectly

I will put this together tomorrow and hopefully start on the ditch quilting. Then I will do the same continuous line design I did for the 'boy' quilt with my Pro Echo 8 ruler. Looking forward to this.

Hopefully I will finish this off by next week, ready for the new arrivals.


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  1. This seemed to come together so fast! I'm sure the twins will love having their own quilt to snuggle with!


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