Wednesday 11 December 2019

Exciting News

Image of the HQ Capri machine beauty shot

Have you seen Handiquilter's new machine, the Capri?

It was introduced at the Houston Quilt Market and will come to Australia in the New Year.

I am super excited about this as it has got stitch regulation build into the table and a few other modifications to make life a bit easier (like more lights, light in the bobbin area, machine is slightly longer). You can see the stitch regulation in action in this You Tube video by Handiquilter.

This was actually really weird timing as I had just researched stitch regulation with the competition and had wondered whether Handiquilter would bring out a machine that would be an equivalent. About two weeks later I started seeing it on FB.

So, I pre-ordered the new machine and will be selling my machine. I did have a very long think about this and thought that this new machine is the best option for me. During my time over the last two years at my local Handiquilter group I have learnt a fair bit about longarm machines and often wondered whether I should go down the path of a machine on a frame. When the Amara came out I fell in love with that machine. WHAT A TOY! However thinking about this again, I came to the conclusion that a sitdown machine is the best option for me because
- I do not actually produce that many passion is wholecloth quilting, the type where you spend a good 2 month on one little section. In terms of quilts, I cannot see myself piecing those enormous King size quilts. Beautiful to look at but not for me.
- I have no experience in quilting on a frame. Possibly could learn it but reluctant to then quilt all my projects on a frame. Would be ideal to have a sitdown machine and a machine on a frame 😆 to just play a bit.
- I think I actually prefer to quilt on a stationary machine using my hands to guide the fabric.
- cost and space is obviously a factor with sitdown machines being much more affordable.

I feel that the new Capri offers me the best of both worlds, being able to continue to quilt on a stationary machine while at the same time having the option of using stitch regulation. This will be very handy...
I have had my Sweet 16 for 2 years by now and obviously have become used to it and with continued use have become faster in my quilting. Stitch regulation will be great to keep consistency up to scratch. Also with rulers I think it is very handy. I have a habit of doing tiny, tiny stitches as soon as I am concentrating on hitting a particular point. Again stitch regulation should make that theoretically easier. We shall see. I am fully expecting that stitch regulation will initially completely throw me, however as with anything, it will be a matter of getting used to it. Should be very interesting.

Now it is just a matter of waiting for this machine to arrive in Australia.


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  1. I've seen the Capri advertised and it looks great! I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I think having a built in stitch regulator will be so much better. Let me know how you like it! Best of luck with it!


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