Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Let's Do Some Ruler Work Linky Party #5

Hi...hope everyone is keeping well and safe and keeping up some sense of normalcy in this crazy time. While we are not completely locked down over here, strict measures of social distancing are in place and I assume that lots of people are staying home, as we are. Thank you to those that linked up last time. We had
 - Sue Daurio from Sue Daurio Quilting-Longarm Services and Quilts with an absolutely amazing quilt constructed by Denniele Bohannan from Louanna Mary Quilt Design and quilted by Sue,
- Terry from On Going Projects using a Circle template to great effect, and
-  Rebecca from Cheeky Cognoscenti with several posts (which were quite funny), outlining some struggles, showcasing some fantastic straight line quilting and showing her wall-mounted rack for rulers.

I have had a super lazy week as I had day surgery last week (yep, they closed off elective surgery the day after I had mine!). Whilst only minor, I did take it a bit slower as anesthetics tend to knock me around a bit. However, I did finish off a quilt top and also tried another ruler from the Ruler of the Month Club 5 that was sent to me via post from my local shop.

 The HQ Curved Crosshatch Template 

The ruler is about 8in long and 1-1/2in wide, very nice to hold, particularly if you are stitching on a DSM which I currently do. So I explored a bit of grid quilting, something I have wanted to do for a while as I felt somewhat unclear about which way I should stitch my grids particularly in odd shapes.
I did some arcs...the curve is not the same top and bottom and I found it helpful to use this to make irregular channels. The first grid was stitched following a horizontal and vertical line just drawn through the shape and the second following diagonal lines. On the third arc, I followed the shape of the curve which is probably something that I do most times. The last arc...I am not entirely sure what I did there, but I think I only followed the vertical line in the middle which gives you that intricate lacy pattern.

Then I did just outlines and curves across blocks which then could be filled. The two curves are very close to each other, so I don't think I would be using it a lot to do echos.

This morning then when I was online, I came across the cyberquiltingshow from Handiquilter and watched a video with Debbie Brown where she used the Multi Clamshell Ruler to make spirals. That was completely ingenious so I had to try this straight away...
What a great idea!  Debbie Brown completed the first line on her longarm in the video however you could also have a more open swirl travelling along the drawn line like I did in the second line. This would make a fantastic E2E design across a more geometric quilt top and having tried this I think I could even pull this off on a DSM on one of the baby quilt tops that I have completed.

So, time to link up with anything to do with rulers that you have been working on or have worked on in the past.
Please note: following some advice and seeing that lots of people will be staying home the Linky Party will from this week forward run on a weekly cycle (Tuesdays). Hopefully this will help with people remembering when it is on and get this going a bit.

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