Thursday 9 September 2021

Baptist Fan Quilt Finished

I finished one of the charity quilts for the Orange Tree Quilter group. Took me a bit longer than expected as I had other things popping up throughout the week.

Looks great! Quilted with Aurifil 40/2 cotton thread in a pale green colour.

Still thinking about the ruler situation. I quilted this with three of Amanda Murphy's circle rulers and two of the Handiquilter rather largish Circle rings. While this was do-able, I did not manage to keep this consistent from row to row. Was pretty happy with my vertical alignments, but horizontally I seemed to struggle and it was different somewhat from row to row, i.e. while the fans did align with the one underneath in width most of the times, the individual lines are often in slightly different places. I think at times I was ever so slightly just sliding over (to the right mainly). Not that you can see that without knowing where exactly to look. You can see it in the last row...I reckon that I slid over by a good 1/4in. Never mind, this is why I love this pattern for scrappy quilts. Just looks great, no matter how you managed to get it on your quilt and for a smaller quilt well worth the effort.

Linking up to Midweek Makers Linky Party over at Susan's blog 'Quilt Fabrication'. Have been rather slack in the last few months and not linked up anywhere and definitely feel I am missing out on lots of creative goodness. So much talent out there!



  1. Your Baptist fan quilting is stunning. I don't notice the horizontal difference and wouldn't have "seen" had you not explained exactly what the issue was. That is such a good quilting pattern for that scrappy top!


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