Monday 13 September 2021

Love a Good Stipple

Finished another of the charity quilts for the Orange Tree Quilters group. In looking at this quilt I decided to just quickly finish it off with an overall meander design.

It's again a very eclectic mix of colours and fabrics. Did not feel like doing any stitch-in-the-ditch  and any quilting in the rectangles would have gone under, so it had to be an allover design.

Must say, even after all these years, I still love the stipple design. I know that many people find it incredibly boring but I just love the texture and feel it provides, particularly when you manage to quilt it in a slightly bigger scale. So I sat down on Sunday thinking that I will just meander along for some hours, but to my big surprise I was finished in just over an hour! Went really quite fast and seamlessly over the quilt, no holdups, no break in thread. Before I knew it, I was done.

Like how this turned out on this lap quilt...nice and soft, giving this quilt a wonderful feel.

The rest of the afternoon was spent on putting on the binding and a that took some hours. For the life of me, could not sew the label on straight and had to re-do this a couple of times.

Well, all done now...onto the next project!



  1. I'm with you regarding the stipple design. The texture is wonderful on this quilt!

  2. Sometimes stippling gets a bad rap, but it can be the perfect finish for so many quilts. It looks just right on this one!


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