Wednesday 15 September 2021

The Cutest Panel

I am in clean up mode, trying to get rid of some of the panels that I have collected over time.

This particular panel I have had for some is called 'Jungle Friends' by Deborah Edwards for Northcott Fabrics. Finally cut this panel to size which is always a challenge as the material is never entirely straight, i.e. it is a bit tricky to get fabric and design perfectly straight, particularly if you are a stickler for detail like I am.

Decided to do another clamshell allover design...really like that for little baby quilts.
Here are the tools that I used...a simple circle, the Handiquilter Multi Clamshell tool and the little fluorescent green disk (which I need at times to hit the right spot).
I did not mark the design on the fabric as I am basically a bit lazy, however I did make some marks on the bottom to get the first row exact to be able to build on that.

After this I used the red circle to mark the center of the clamshell as I went along.
That was just to make sure that I hit the center point exactly and also served in subsequent rows to give me an idea whether the row underneath was slightly off.

I quilted the clamshells with the 4in HQ Multi Clamshell tool.
As you can see I have drawn a line with a permanent marker through the center. This is again to align it to the row underneath. Trying to just eye that out is just too difficult. 

So I went along pretty straight, however had some shifting again higher up in the quilt. I think I might have to replace my sticky grips on the ruler as I tended to slide over a bit. In the end I was out by about 1/8in and had to undo two of the rows to get back to a more accurate design. A hassle, but as this is a rather smallish quilt, it did stand out a bit and it would have bothered me if I had left it. 
This is by far the cutest panel. Was able to exactly match the orange border to the colour of the animals. Looks really pretty and feels wonderful with its wool batting inside. I will put a matching green binding on this to finish it off.

Already found a recipient for the quilt which was a bit of a surprise, but great...don't need another quilt lying around.

This was good fun and I am already planning for the next panel that needs to be finished.



  1. You are the "Queen" of clamshell quilting! That baby quilt turned out great! I always appreciate reading how mark or don't mark the design. I also appreciate the tips you provide with how you keep the design "straight!" How nice this quilt already has a home!

  2. What a sweet panel, with fun design and lovely colors. I do so love your clamshell motif for these panels. Great idea. I have some sandwiched UFOs which need quilting and I now plan to go thru them just to see what I can find to quilt clamshells. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  3. What a gorgeous panel, and you have done a wonderful job with your quilting.

  4. That orange border is such a good match, it looks like part of the panel! And your clamshell quilting is just spot-on. Great job!


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