Wednesday 6 February 2013

Basting Day

I have got 3 projects to baste. I have been piecing since the beginning of the year and am in avoidance mode, I think. This is not one of my favourite jobs...I am used to crawling around on the floor for this, however that takes me a long time as I have to build in regular breaks,  otherwise I do my back in.

On her blog Stitch by Stitch, Marelize recently suggested hand basting your quilt. She shared two little videos from Sharon Schamber on her post on how to do this.  Find the link HERE. Now that was interesting to watch and almost seems too good to be true...

Ah, habit is a funny thing...I started with the small projects today and will go from there. As you can see, I am using pins...not really my favourite, particularly on white fabric. Also discovered that some of my pins are getting rusty, so did a bit of a clean out while I went along.

I wonder whether I should try those Pinmoors

One down, two more to go...

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  1. that's an unusual block you've used- very effective!

  2. Yeah for one basted. I would definitely recommend pinmoors, much easier than safety pins. I baste on folding tables (just put up as many as it takes for the size of my quilt). I just can't get down on the floor, my knees just don't take it any more!

  3. that is an unusual block, but very eye catching. I love to use a spray baste. I've basted that way for 5 or 6 years, and have never gummed up my machine. I don't have to stop every 30 seconds to remove a pin.

  4. I really like your blocks. I have not seen them before.

  5. Such a pretty block - it is very unusual!

  6. I've been wondering about using Pinmoors too. They're a little pricey but they seem simpler to use than safety pins. I love your blocks too btw! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday.

  7. I hope your day is productive. I don't I'll get to do much of what I posted in my Swaaaeeet post but maybe someday. I am getting an Etsy Shop fullllll of fabric going! I hope to get a table runner basted and maybe a little quilting done. I am just doing straight lines on it so it should go really fast. I hope so. I didn't get to post on Wed. so too busy sorting fabric.
    Thanks for coming by and visiting me. Am I already following you? I am not sure. We'll I'll make sure I'll be following you!
    I'll be back to see how your doing.


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