Monday 25 February 2013

WIP #3: Baby Quilt top finished

Hard to believe, but I finished the baby quilt top...yes, I made it again!

If you followed my earlier posts about this quilt, I realised that the direction of the fabric did indeed matter in the construction of the quilt. Unfortunately I only realised this after I had the quilt top just about finished. As I am planning to put this pattern on Craftsy or something similar, I did not want to lead people down the garden path as the mistake was in the construction of the blocks...hence my pattern needed to be altered (although with my fabric you would hardly notice the difference as the zebras are facing up and down, as do the clouds - however if you had fabric where direction mattered you would need to pay attention to this).

Had to have a bit of a break at that point, but re-wrote my instructions properly the other day and made the whole thing again, checking my instructions as I went along. Worked great ...was very happy with my write up and glad to be coming to an end. I did end up making the quilt a bit bigger and managed to get more of the zebra fabric which I will now use as the backing. Figure this, the same fabric still available after more than half a year! All that is left to do is to finish off the quilt, do some grammatical changes and formatting and I am ready to go. This is actually a nice little quilt to make and one that you could finish off in a weekend.

It will be interesting to see whether this will generate any interest but given that I have been talking and thinking about this for a good year by now, I just need to make it happen. No time for doubts. This will take some pressure of and I can then think about where I would like this idea to go.

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  1. What adorable zebra fabric! It looks very sweet and bright with the orange. Great job!

  2. Lookin' good, Karin! Glad to hear you finished writing the pattern. Best wishes for lot of sales!

  3. Thanks for the comment. Not sure you realise but you are a no-reply blogger on the comments....

    1. Hi Karin, How is the quilt and pattern coming? Do you have a shop? By the way... Thanks for telling me about the no-reply blogger on comments. I think I fixed it. Can you tell me if it worked?


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