Monday, 1 April 2013

A New Bag - Pack N' Go Tote

So, I am tackling bag-making once again. Found this really cute bag in a book I picked up over X-mas at a sale (Fresh Fabric Treats with your favourite Moda Bake Shop designers). No zippers, just a simple bag...

The bag in the book is made out of bright, modern fabrics, however I am using my Moda Jelly Roll - Chateau Rouge/French General for it. May turn out a bit too red, but who you can see I love red, particularly the more deeper tones.

This is how far I got...finished front and back pocket plus the sides, the rest should come together a bit more quickly.

Was actually nice to get re-acquainted with my machine. Forgot how many useful features I have got on there. The panels were not that easy to do. In the book they sew the strips directly onto the batting and then sew the decorative stitches over the seams. Now that did not work for me at all. I put the strips together first and then used some fusible batting and a stabilizer for the decorative stitches. I think I have got about 250 decorative stitches on the machine that I never use and most of my time was spent staring at all those stitches, unable to decide which ones to use. In the end I tried all sorts of stitches and some of them would have probably been better to leave out as they became fairly tight and there is some crinkling going on. However, I rarely use them and I thought that this was a good opportunity to just try and see how this works.
And here is one of the handles...absolutely love doing handles

Now I only have to do the body of the bag...not sure how that will go as I bought some small floral print in similar colours to go with it which may turn out to be a bit much on the eyes (Colour looks a bit different does actually match a bit better in real life).
I find it really hard to visualise things so just have to go with my hunch that this will turn out alright. I will do the lining out of the same floral print with the red binding all around. Then it has got some pocket loop closures and some fabric covered buttons to go on there....
Let's see how this will turn out...if I like it then I might consider doing this in more modern bright fabrics.
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  1. It's looking great, I also have a lot of decorative stitches on my machine that I have never tried. I look forward to seeing a finished bag!

  2. I have that book, I'll have to go and check out the pattern.

  3. I think that it will look lovely. I can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. I like these fabrics - although it would look good with modern fabrics too. I clicked to see your pictures better - I do like those decorative stitches!

  5. The bag is looking great! I love all the red. It is one of my favorite colors. I only have about 25 stitches on my machine and I have still only used the straight stitch and occasionally the zig-zag :D It is neat that this project incorporates the decorative stitches!

    Thanks for linking up to Let's Get Acquainted this week!


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