Monday, 8 April 2013

Finish: Pack N' Go Tote

I am finished!

A big thank you to Mhairi, mtnquiltr and also to Linda in Calif for their encouragement and good advice. It came at a time when I really felt like chucking it...all seemed a bit too hard and complicated. Had to leave it for a day or two just to get a bit of a grip. Followed Linda's advice and re-did the lining by 1/4 inch. In the absence of any clue seemed like a good idea and given that the lining appeared way too big I thought that that little bit smaller might just make the difference. Must admit, I was a bit nervous when I put it in...but yes, that did the trick. While still loose, it just fitted that little bit better.
After that I had a lot of fun making those little pocket closures and the fabric-covered buttons. Turned out really nice, I think.
Now back to the quilting...need to baste my Colour Adventure quilt and then I am looking forward to do some more feather quilting (also attending a whole day workshop on feathers on Friday...really excited about this)



  1. Nice little tote bag, Karin. You should be proud!

  2. This is a truly lovely bag. I am glad that the lining worked out in the end. You have made a beautiful bag, I hope that you enjoyed the process.

  3. I love totes, yours is real pretty!
    It looks so sturdy, how big is it?

  4. The fabrics are very pretty and the tote design eye-catching. I think you did well. I read about your misadventures with the tote, but am glad it worked out.


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