Monday, 15 April 2013

WIP Progress: Colour Adventure

Remember this beast...

Well, still not basted, but made some progress in thinking through a plan of attack. Initially I was going to mark a feather motif in the yellow star before basting. So I spent some time yesterday afternoon working on the motif.

That took a while to get it exactly how I wanted it to look. Yep, I am not one of those gifted people  who can just whip this up in a few minutes. In terms of marking it on to the fabric, I tried to trace it putting a light under my see-through extension table (don't have a light box)...that could work but was too fiddly in getting it to sit exactly where I wanted it to go. Hence, in the end, I decided to use my trusted Golden Thread Quilting paper, i.e. tracing it onto the paper first and then stitching through the paper...that gives me much better control of the placement of the motif. (Alternatively I could have used Don Linn's method of tracing it on tulle and transferring it on to the quilt  using the tulle). As this is the centre of the quilt I need this to look as even as I can possibly get it.

So, that meant I was now ready to baste this quilt...ha, ha...I did try out my motif instead to get a bit of a feel for it...

Here is the upper half the motif

Worked nicely once I had worked out the stitching sequence. This is getting very exciting...not sure re the thread yet, but I am thinking to use Aurifil 50/2 in a light beige thread...this should almost but not completely blend in.

I shall baste this tomorrow...(also thinking that I might invest in a can of basting spray soon to give that a go. I am hearing good things about it - but not tomorrow, as this will be just another excuse to delay it)

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  1. Oh I'm so glad I've read your post Karin, I've recently had problems with a water erasable pen and I'd completely forgotten my roll of Golden Thread paper - I really have to have a go at using that instead. I've recently started using Basting spray - only for placemats, mug rugs and QAYG blocks and I love it but I've stuck with my pins for anything larger. :)

  2. Its going to look great! I've made friends with a lady here in town, she showed me a quilt she started quilting some time ago and has been folded up in her cupboard for probably a year and there's no sign of the layers separating. That's when I decided to give it a try myself, I've used it to baste my goddess quilt and I'm quite happy.

  3. Wow, Karin! You are sew good at those feathers. You make it look like you have been doing it all your life! Love the design!

  4. Deine Federn sehen klasse aus! Ich habe nie die Geduld, mir die Federn zu konstruieren und dann bin ich am Ende immer unglücklich über das Ergebnis. Dein Weg ist eindeutig besser!

  5. i most definitely must agree with the above comment that you make it look like you have been doing it all your life! this kind of work is amazing - so much talent, your beast of a project will be beautiful!


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