Wednesday, 24 April 2013

WIP: Colour Adventure Saga

What do people think of this...?? Brutal honesty appreciated!

I got carried away yesterday (my day off and had the whole day to myself)...started the swirl pattern and just kept going. I was so focussed on the swirls that I did not pay a lot of attention to anything else. When I stopped and looked at it, I was not so sure that I actually liked it. Does this happen to you (at least sometimes)?

The design looks bold and somewhat exuberant and I think it just about competes with everything else around it, both in scale and design. I then tried out my initial idea (not sure what really happened and why I did this impromptu change) of quilting concentric circles in those spaces.

That looks much better, I think. It fills the space in a structured and quiet way and flattens out the area. Well, here comes the next problem, i.e. my idea of using the light green thread is not going to work with this design because of the backtracking. I tried this on the orange fabric and it looked absolutely hideous.

On the upside, I did get a good rhythm going on the swirls in that bold, daring and exuberant way. I really did appreciate quilters saying that you need to make patterns your own...that was the only way to actually be able to execute this pattern in order to fill a defined space. Just not sure that this is the right pattern for this quilt.

I will look at this for a while longer...bit unsure which way to go.



  1. I think those swirls are great! The ones in the blue diamond make me think of ocean waves. Glad to hear you had the day to yourself and were able to enjoy doing what you love!

  2. Oh my it is absolutely stunning!!! You should have more of those days to yourself, just look at what you did! It looks great!!

  3. I think they all look great together! Your quilting is beautiful! So fun to have a day to sew all to yourself!


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