Saturday, 11 January 2014

I love FMQ

Back on the sewing machine again finishing off my Disappearing Four Patch. Of course, found out that I did not have enough of the binding I wanted to put on...only checked my supplies briefly before I went on holidays. So off to the shop it was...yah! Found some more of the border fabric, however also found some striped material that matches the border. Of course, I bought both...just in case!

In terms of quilting I did the centre of the quilt with an overall meander of about 1/2 inch scale before I went on holidays. That worked out really quite well and gives it a nice soft feel. While I was sewing in-the-ditch around my borders (had to re-do this as I made a mistake earlier) I felt like some FMQ...not having quilted for the last 4 weeks really made me hang out for just some doodling on the machine.

I must say, FMQ is like riding a don't seem to loose it. Maybe a bit wonky in parts, but overall, not a lot of difference from 5 weeks ago. I decided to go with my "go to" sashing design, just a vine of leaves down the inner border. This is one of the first few designs I learned and obviously the rhythm of this is ingrained. Had so much fun stitching this around the inner border and did not pay too much attention to getting it exactly right. I think this design looks best when it is a bit more variable in terms of shapes of the leaves and size. Hence, there is no marking involved and I just allow it to every time and goes quite quickly around the border.

Now I only need to attach my fantastic new binding and I am done.

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Happy Quilting



  1. I love your vine of leaves for the border! I may try that one of these days! Your quilt came out great.

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  3. Hallo Karin, schöne Grüße nach Australien...dein Quilt ist wunderschön...und auch das Quilting finde ich sehr passend.
    Das Muster gefällt mir auch sehr...habe es selbst aber noch nie genäht.

    Liebe Grüße aus Germany, wünscht dir
    PS. Ich schreibe den Kommentar nochmal, weil in meinem ersten zuviele Fehler waren;-)


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