Wednesday 29 January 2014

TV project

Done some planning and decided to do a hexagon paper piecing project again. This is a bit funny as I do not like hexagons that much, however I do find the process of making them and stitching them together by hand so relaxing...ideal to do when watching a bit of TV or just for quiet time out.

I had these 2 packets of charm squares that I picked up in a sale last year together with coordinating border fabric. Have not really planned anything around size, will just do them all up and see what comes out of it. So, bought a packet of 100 hexagon paper pieces with an edge length of 2 inches size of hexagon is 4 inches). Went ahead the other day and made myself a template to cut out the material.

Carefully drew around the template that I had cut out on template plastic on my material, cut it out and continued to make a hexagon. Then it occurred to me...duh!! I did not need the plastic template at all.
All I had to do was use my trusted fabric glue pen (to hold the hexagon in place on the fabric), whack it on the square and cut around it with a generous 1/4in seam allowance.Why did this not occur to me earlier? On my last project I had this tiny hexagon template (came with those tiny hexagon shapes that I bought for that project) and painstakingly cut out all those tiny hexagons. In retrospect not really necessary. As I said before, I have very little experience with this.

This is a great time saver and makes this even more enjoyable.

Use a little fabric glue to hold the hexagon in place
Line up your ruler allowing for a generous 1/4in seam allowance
Cut around all sides

Sides ready to be folded over
I use a fabric glue pen when folding over the seam allowance rather than securing it with thread. This works well and the glue will come out in the wash. I think the only thing to watch out for is not to use excess glue closer to the edges where you are going to slip stitch  the pieces together.

The finished paper hexagon ready to be sewn together
Two hexagons slip stitched together
This is fun...made about 10 of them yesterday watching some TV...highly recommended. I wonder what this will become...

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  1. Hexagons are addicting once you start making them.

  2. Don't you just love stitching on EPP while watching TV? One of my fav activities, especially on a snowy day. When I do my hexies, I don't bother to trim the squares before basting them to the paper foundations. I never thought to use a glue pen instead of basting. Hmm... perhaps I need to pick one up!

  3. Thanks for sharing this valuable info. So basically you used the paper hexies you bought in a package and some fabric glue right? Great plan!

  4. I, too, am not a huge hexi fan, but enjoy the process of epp! there are several shape options out there for you if you want to try something else. the project I'm currently working on has hexies, squares, and triangles combined.
    please come join my monthly link party for epp! the next "in hand" party will be Saturday feb 8th at splish splash stash.

  5. I have been seeing a lot of that fabric glue around lately. Thanks for sharing your method for the hexi's! Great pictures!

  6. What wonderful fabrics! Looks wonderful so far.

  7. I will be learning hexagons soon.
    I assume that you do take the paper out once you sew it down. I have wonderful gals in my stitch groups that I'm sure will lead me in the right direction on learning.
    I was given a box full of hexies already cut. I did buy a package of the card boards to go with them.

  8. I've been using mini charm packs for hexies. They are so cute! I downloaded a hexi template and printed them on cardstock, cut them out and away I go. Just another "busy hands" project to do while watching tv

  9. Hi Karin--Your hexagons are looking great! I haven't tried making one of these yet--Your little tutorial, has inspired me to give it a try! Thanks for sharing!

    Would love for you to stop by and link this up to Fabric Frenzy Friday!
    Fabric Frenzy Friday


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