Monday, 27 October 2014

WIP: 99 Hexagons

Basted my 99 hexagon quilt.

Had some trouble finding a suitable backing. Initially I was going to match the yellow, but that turned out too hard...too many shades of yellow and the ones that are in this fabric are quite distinctive.

I found this white one with the black floral...while a bit busy when placed together like below, I thought it suited this little quilt perfectly

As you can see I pinned this very tightly, in fact I put a pin into every single hexagon. As I am not going to use the walking foot to secure any seams, I did not want to risk the layers shifting. I am thinking of simply quilting curved lines that go from point to point in each hexagon, then jazzing it up a notch and quilting a simple flower design in the black hexagons. No ideas re the outside borders as yet...really struggle with that each and every time.

Will I need to mark this?  Not sure yet, I am hoping that I can just eyeball this, but we shall see.

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Until next time, hopefully with a completed quilt.



  1. Why not a little marking, when you thinks it helps. I love to come back to see your quilting.
    Love from Amsterdam

  2. I wouldn't mark unless they're more than 4" across, but just "snake" across the hex from corner to corner in a sort of elongated "S". But size would definitely be the deciding factor.

  3. The fabric you have chosen looks just right. Your quilt is very eye catching
    PS no longer private at my blog. Cheers Pauline

  4. Love what you have chosen! I know what you mean about borders. I usually go for an all over design. My aunt bought an Amish quilt top and I'm going to quilt it. It has borders. I can't even think of a quilt I have ever made with borders. It has me stumped how to quilt it. Can't even think about it now. Busy making bags for Christmas;)


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