Monday 31 December 2018

And The Year Comes To A Close fast did this year go!

I finally managed to write up my latest pattern. Had been talking about it for most of the latter part of the year, but just have been too lazy. I was going to upload it to Craftsy early December...good thing I did not, as Craftsy send out an email mid-December about closing a whole lot of shops on their website to re-vamp the site. The cut off date was the 28th December! Needless to say that left a lot of people unimpressed.
I retained my little Craftsy shop however they scaled it down to 2 patterns. All I managed to do was to get some of the images off the website as I was busy with Christmas. All in all there are 5 patterns that are no longer on the Craftsy site.

So, I set up shop on can find the link to my humble beginnings HERE. I already had started that process prior to December, so for the new pattern I just had to actually write it up and upload. Still got a bit more work to do on the Etsy site...any feedback/comments welcome.

This is it...tada...the new pattern 'Bright Baby Quilt'
Original Colourway
...and here is a close up of the latest version with my ruler handiwork

Alternate Colourway
I love this pattern and already planning on another one using more of Anne Kelle's cute Urban Zoologie fabric, this time 'Mini Cats'. This pattern is strangely addictive.

Very happy that I got my pattern up in 2018 as I had promised myself to do!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.


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