Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Let's Do Some Ruler Work #12

Last week, Rosemary from The Knitting Quilter linked up with some straight line quilting in a border
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How good does this look. Always like straight lines...so effective!

I have been working away on my Heartfelt Wholecloth. Certainly is giving me a major workout with all the rulers of the Handiquilter Ruler of the Month Club 5. The only thing I do not like about this is that there are lots of starts and stops and unlike the longarmers, I bury my threads, so this is a bit of work. Completed the frame some time last week. Had to let go of one of the additional borders as my silk piece was not big enough. This does not really stand out as it is well structured with several borders, so one less does not matter at all.
Heartfelt Wholecloth frame (approx. 44in)
Then started on the filling of all of those little and not so little spaces. Today I was working on grids and promptly got that wrong
The left is correct, the right has the ruler the wrong way around on the second path, i.e. following the curve in the opposing way. I was ever so careful to get this right and initially could not work out what happened other then that it looked somewhat weird. The correct grid is stitched on the diagonal following the curves of the arc. I used the new Curved Crosshatching Ruler for that and once I worked it all out, this was no problem at all. 
So, this is where I am up, still lots to do
 Time to link up what you have been working on with rulers.

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  1. Your Heartfelt wholecloth is looking fantastic, Karin! A student in one of the workshops I was in had a great way of remembering which way to orient her rulers for a curved crosshatching design. You just have to tell yourself "smiles" or "rainbows." Both directions need to be the same one, so either smiles in both directions or rainbows in both directions, but never combine one of each. :-). By the way, some long armers DO bury their thread tails, especially if they are working on show quilts! I don't because I am SO not there yet. My little locking stitches are the absolute LEAST of my problems. Burying the thread tails on my current quilting would be like wasting lipstick on a pig!


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