Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Let's Do Some Ruler Work #10

I finished my little experiment with the Multi Clamshell ruler (see also previous post). 

I thought that I could enlarge the spiral with the echo feet...actually I could not as the Multi Clamshell ruler has a little nudge to stop the foot. With the echo foot, that meant of course that I was out of alignment, so had to re-think this whole thing. Still decided to go ahead and spent some time on working out the spacing of the spirals using the various lines of the ruler to align to the many seams to keep my rows straight. 

Here it is

Easy baby quilt

Not my best work but a fun experiment to pull off. In retrospect I think this looks a bit too orderly, even though I nested the spirals in the second row. As I was constrained by the seams in terms of using this for alignment, I think it would look a bit better if the rows were closer together. Also, in looking at the finished project it would have been good if I had made the spirals of the second row go the other way to get away from this very ordered appearance. But, having said all that, I am still very happy to have tried this out and think this could look quite good on a smaller baby quilt with the changes mentioned. In terms of quilting this was very easy to do and best of all, quite quick.
Still have to put the binding on and will put up a picture of the finished quilt, hopefully a bit brighter ( the weather has been just grey in grey with lots of rain over here - no matter how hard I tried at different times of the day, the photos just would not come out any lighter)

Time for the Linky...obviously the Linky Party has not taken off as I had hoped. I thank the few that have participated over the last few months, just having a few link ups has been good fun. I think it is the timing actually, coupled with me being a rather smallish blog that has made this a bit difficult. There is so much going on in cyber space at the moment and even I struggle to keep up. I think I have about 20 something videos saved on FB alone...all really interesting things to watch and to try...it is almost overwhelming. I would assume that I am not alone in this and think that this has contributed to its modest take up. Would be interesting to hear what you think...for now, I will keep going for this month, but obviously if it remains like that, then I will call it a day (which is perfectly fine, I have learnt heaps from this and finally got to make a blog button!)

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