Thursday 3 March 2022

New Listing in Etsy Shop

Finished another cute panel with an allover clamshell design. Absolutely love doing this and always comes out really nice. 

For this quilt I used a quality 60/40 wool/polyester blend wadding which gives this quilt just that little bit more loft. Feels nice and snuggly and given its make up will be good for frquent washing.

The quilt measures 30-3/4in x 40-1/4in, a lovely size for a drag along blanket or a playtime floor quilt.

My clamshells

I quilted the clamshells with light blue Aurifil 50/2 thread on top and a coordinating beige Aurifil thread in the bobbin. Looks great...very happy with it.

This was supposed to be the last panel for a while...however, have been to the fabric shop since then and ended up coming home with another two panels. Quite ridiculous really! To my defence, one of them made is one I recently sold and when I saw it there again, I thought that this would be great to just make it again, as I can then just copy most of the information already in existence from the previous listing. Time saver, I thought! However, then I saw another cute panel and took that as well. Hopeless, truly.


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  1. Absolutely adorable and your clamshells look great on this quilt.


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