Sunday 7 July 2019

Festival of Quilts 2019

Well, it's come and almost gone. Today is the last day of the Quilt Show. I went early on Friday to the Awards Ceremony as my Wholecloth won an award!

Here it is...the finished monster. I was so happy to finish this as I had a few issues with it when quilting it. So much so, it became an UFO...however I took it out in early 2019 to finish it. Lots of cursing and tedious stitching, but it did get done.
It won third prize in the Other Category. Was really happy with that...

After the Awards Ceremony, it was off into the vendors' hall. Thought I would have a coffee, wander around a bit...did not really need anything! Well, so much for is what I purchased throughout the day...all bargains, of course!
Was particularly happy with the Pantograph packs which were on special...had been looking at them on the net for a while but had not purchased due to the additional postage costs. Bargain plus! Then I bought 5 packets of Sue Daley's 2in hexagons...yep, planning a hexagon quilt. Have collected a fair amount of reproduction fabric over time and it just needs to be made. I had bought hexagons at the last show, but from different companies and have found that they all differ ever so slightly in size, hence had not started because that would create too many headaches when hand stitching,  so was looking for the Sue Daley ones. At least now I know that they are all the more excuses to make a start! And then this nice baby panel...also on special...just needed to come with me. Then some thread and finally the Sure foot for the Sweet 16.

Haha...what a hoot! So much so for not needing anything!



  1. Congrats - the Wholecloth quilt looks amazing :)
    I'm interested to find out what you think about the Surefoot, I have been reading about it in the S16 FB group but never seen one in person, would be interesting to know if it really makes a difference for ruler quilting?
    What I'm really intrigued about is your pantographs; I have read your posts about e2e quilting on the S16 and I have long thought about giving that a go, but the quilt I have in mind is huge, so not sure if that really is an option?? Any tips much appreciated :)
    Wintery greetings from New Zealand, Monika

    1. Hi are a no reply blogger. Please email me direct, so that I can answer you.

  2. Hi Karin, what a lovely wholecloth quilt. Congrats! Isn't it amazing that a quilt that was a UFO and caused so much problems came out great....and got a ribbon.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your hexies!


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